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About us

Since a long time, buying a house or investing in a real-estate property has been a big financial question for not just individuals but numerous families. This is because of unclear and unstructured home-buying processes and misleading information provided by unauthorized individuals.

We, at Homesfy, understand that buying a home is a very challenging and time-consuming affair. A house which is right for someone may not be for another. We do our best to understand your needs, and find you the home that you dreamt of!

Homesfy was established in 2013 with the aim of simplifying the home-buying process and make the real estate transaction reliable, trustworthy and hassle-free. We are one of the oldest and one of the leading marketing aggregators in the real estate industry. We have achieved this over the years by amplifying the reach of homebuyers with relevant and personalized Home Solutions.

To become India's most customer-centric company and to revolutionise real estate industry by delivering trustworthy experiences that our stakeholders cherish for a lifetime.
To enhance customers’ quality of life through value-added professional service
Core Values
  • Professional Experience
  • Empowerment with Trust and Confidence
  • Convenience of Business Transactions
  • Knowledge Sharing & Improvement
  • Transformational Leadership